Most Worshipful Universal Grand Lodge A.F.& A.M.


Star Of Hope Grand Chapter O.E.S.        

  Juvenile Fraternity

Jurisdiction State of Louisiana

Welcome to the Website of the Juvenile Fraternity of the Most Worshipful Universal Grand Lodge AF&AM and Star Of Hope Grand Chapter OES State of Louisiana. The Late Honorable T.J. Hawkins, Grand Master of the state of Louisiana and his official staff, over fifty years ago granted permission to organized a group of young people to enhance the organization. Any youth in the state of Louisiana between the ages of 5-18 who parents or guardians are members, or youth recommended by members of the Masonic organization are eligible to become members of this dynamic organization.

The goal of the Juvenile Fraternity is to provide a vast majority of young people the opportunity to grow socially and spiritually while working together, sharing the word of God, and participating in wholesome, supervised activities. The leaders provide different aspect of training in order to help young people become a greater asset to their, church, school, organization, community and state, while becoming productive citizens. If interested contact the Juvenile leaders. (See below)


State Juvenile Officers 2014

Position                              Name                  Chapter #               City

Gleaner Matron                Kimberly Higgins       #24                  Monroe

Gleaner Patron                 Jarius Draper             #67                  Shreveport

Gleaner A.  Matron          Javen  Draper            #67                  Shreveport

Gleaner A. Patron            Roman Holliday          #6                   Minden

Gleaner Secretary            Tiffani Gaines            #24                  Monroe

Gleaner Assist. Sec.        Destinie Cannon          #4                   Shreveport

Gleaner Treasurer           Haley James               #44                  Shreveport

Gleaner Warder              Cole Jones                 #24                   Monroe

Gleaner Warder              Zackery Gaines          #24                   Monroe

Gleaner In Sentinel         Kevin Wilson             #67                   Shreveport

Gleaner O. Sentinel        Aaron Moss                #6                    Minden

Gleaner Banner Bearer   Leeanna Draper          #67                   Shreveport

Gleaner Chaplain          Treyvon Washington   #26                    Natchitoches

Gleaner Musician         Trevor Jones               #26                    Natchitoches

Juvenile Board of Directors

Honorable Joseph L. Thomas                      Most Worshipful Grand Master

Bro. Terry Moore                                            R.W. Deputy Grand Master

Sis. Mary Jane Wilson                                             Worthy Grand Matron

Bro. Willie Adams                                                    Worthy Grand Patron

Bro. James Lindsay                                     Deputy Grand Master Emeritus

Juvenile Grand Officers

Sis. Jannie H. Draper                                             Grand Juvenile Mother

Sis. Evelyn Braggs                                     Grand Assoc. Juvenile Mother

Bro. Floyd Jones Jr.                                                 Grand Juvenile Father

Bro. Andrew Morning                                             Grand Juvenile Father

Sis. Lenora D. Miller                              Grand Juvenile Mother Emeritus 


Gleaners of Virtue

                              Obedient                     Devine Wyatt                 #112              Ringgold

                              Truth                          Lylana Adams                #112              Ringgold

                              Faith                           KaJayden Caldwell         # 67              Shreveport

                              Love                           Brittani Gaines               # 24               Monroe

                              Purity                          Brianna Jones                # 37               Chatam



Juvenile Chapters          City             Juvenile Mothers 

                    Carpenters #1                              Lake Providence            Sis. Delores Martin

                    True Love #4                              Shreveport                     Sis. Annie Ealy

                    Rainbow # 6                               Minden                          Sis. Sonya Holt-Holliday           

                    Jewels of the East # 24               Monroe                          Sis. Zabrina Gaines

                    Golden Star of Nat. #26              Natchitoches                  Sis. LaToya Malvo

                    Daughters of the East # 37          Chatam                          Sis. Lora Ethridge

                    Pearl # 44                                  Shreveport                     Sis. Paulette Carter

                    Royal # 67                                 Shreveport                     Sis. Orlisa Nash Johnson

                    Golden Star # 112                      Ringgold                        Sis. Evelyn Braggs